Northeast Cotillion

Touching The Future Of Our Community One Step At A Time

Our History

The Northeast Cotillion is an organization formed over 50 years ago.  The foundation of Cotillion is to expose middle school aged young men and women to the fundamentals of dance and etiquette.  There is a strong emphasis on learning how to handle oneself in a variety of situations and social events.  Dances will include both formal and informal dance taught by professional instructors.  The Cotillion experience builds confidence and self-esteem, enforces social etiquette, and fosters friendship that will last into the high school years and far beyond.

Each session shall have different dress attire that will be required and different themes for each dance and etiquette lessons to re-enforce behavior is social settings.  There will be 6 dances at St. Petersburg Christian School and our final dance at St. Petersburg Country Club.

Northeast Cotillion.....touching the future of our community one step at a time.

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